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Leaving Australia

13 work days to go

Just under 3 weeks til we fly out for one of the best cities in Europe - Barcelona. Officially 13 working days to go. The only thing standing between us and our departure for our Europe Adventure is the Russian Consulate in Sydney. I nervously posted off our passports to last week and have slowly gotton more nervous as each day passes. Every attempt I've made to call the Russian Consulate Visa help line (during the very handy open hours of 9.30am-12pm) has failed. I've tried repeatedly pressing the redial button and no one evers answers. I've tried emailing them and no answer. Until today! I thought I'd give their number 'another' try and finally someone answered! A miracle.

So, they have a passports and will be issueing our visa's....but only 1 week before we leave. Let's hope they stick to their word. I guess I'm a little nervous because we've completed the paperwork ourselves and haven't got a travel agent holding our hand telling us that we've got all our paperwork correct. You know what government embassy's are like....they could just as easily send you back your papers and say 'you were missing xxxx'.

Anyway, fingers crossed they return our passports and we depart as scheduled on April 2!

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